HGR12 - Easy Fix for your Blown Head Gasket - Guaranteed to Work!


How to Repair a Blown Head Gasket with HGR-12
HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works! HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works!

Not sure if your head gasket is blown?

Call me and let’s talk about your vehicle, I don’t think there is a symptom I haven’t seen.
In just a few minutes, we can determine if you need a head gasket repair.
If your head gasket is blown,  HGR-12 is the alternative to pulling the head THAT WORKS!
You probably found that there are many sealers on the market, but HGR-12 is different!
With a 96% success rate, and over 3,000 successful repairs, let me prove that HGR-12 works!
Our customers know and say it does. It's powerful, yet so easy.
HGR-12 will get you back on the road again.

HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works! HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works!

How Does HGR-12 Work?

HGR-12 is formulated to react to extreme heat.
Vacuum, created by the the piston, draws HGR-12 into the leaking head gasket.
Engine heat then causes HGR-12 to harden on the leak to form a permanent repair.
HGR-12 is Advanced Technology that just plain works!


Don't Sealers Plug Up The Cooling System?

Almost all on the market do, but not HGR-12 when you Follow My Easy Instructions! That’s All It Takes!


Do I need to flush out the anti-freeze to use HGR-12?

HGR-12 contains a substantially high level of chemicals needed to repair your head gasket The First Time.
Because of that, yes, you need to drain out at least 70% of your anti-freeze.


I Don't Know How To Work On My Car

If you feel uneasy about performing a head gasket repair, we can find a mechanic near you.
The repair takes about an hour, so either way you’ll save hundreds of dollars using HGR-12


Here's How to Order

HGR-12 and complete instructions are only $79.00

You will also have access to all the technical support you need.

Send Us an eMail

or call me at
(805) 458-7812
9am-5pm PST (California Time)

I look forward to helping you solve your head gasket dilemma.


Common Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket

Rather than paying someone to tell you your head gasket is blown, find out for yourself, here are the most common symptoms.
With a blown head gasket, usually there will be more than one symptom.

Common symptoms of a blown head gasket include:

1. White smoke (steam) from the tail pipe AFTER the engine reaches operating temp. (Even new cars ‘steam’ when cold).
    TIP: Warm up engine, stand behind the car and have someone pump the gas. Even a little white steam usually means trouble.

2. Mysterious loss of coolant (antifreeze).

3. ‘Sweet’ smell coming from the tail pipe.

4. Bubbles in radiator or expansion tank (overflow tank).

5. Excessive pressure build up in radiator hoses.

6. Heater starts blowing cold air.

7. Possible water in the oil.
    (open the oil filler cap and look at the underside of the cap, if it looks like coffee with cream you have water in the oil).

8. Possible oil in the radiator.
    NOTE: Oil in the radiator may be automatic transmission fluid, NOT related to head gasket problems.
     Suspect this if you have no other symptoms, and an automatic trans.
    Some vehicles have OIL COOLER ASSEMBLIES that can develop a leak into the cooling system as well.

9. One or more spark plugs may be wet, or you see moisture coming from the spark plug hole while engine is running.

10. Engine overheats either right away or after several miles.

11. Engine may run rougher than usual.

12. May be harder to start.

13. A simple block test shows exhaust gas in the radiator (cooling system)
    See an example at: http://www.blockchek.com

14. Your ‘check engine’ light usually comes on.
    (Antifreeze fouls oxygen sensors and catalytic converters, 'tripping' the light).

I have personally repaired over 1,300 cars, diesel trucks, and tractors, using HGR-12.

This system does not require you to take the engine apart.

96% of the HGR-12 repairs are Permanent.

For more information about this time-tested system...

or if you have questions about YOUR vehicle, call us!

Get Unlimited Telephone Support.

Send Us an eMail

or call me at
(805) 458-7812
9am-5pm PST (California Time)

HGR12 - Easy Fix for your Blown Head Gasket - Guaranteed to Work!

Let HGR-12 get you back on the road!


Bill, I'm so grateful for your help in fixing my favorite car's blown head gasket. Your product is amazing and your live assistance (via phone and text) was instrumental in getting the job done right. Thanks for getting me back on the road!
Mitch M.

Bill was professional, courteous, timely, and - most importantly - his fix was effective. I will update this review when I add more miles to my truck, but I had a blown head gasket that was unsuccessfully repaired (quick fixes) twice, and which has a price tag of $3500 for the replacement of the gasket.Bill's solution took less than an hour (and he came to my house!), and has worked for my initial 200 mile test - it didn't run for more than 10 miles without overheating - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will last a lot longer and will save me from scrapping an otherwise-lively Ford Explorer.I highly recommend trying Bill's fix before giving up on a vehicle with a head gasket issue.
Mike, California

Hello my name is Hugo. I own a 2004 Ford F-150, There was water evidence in the oil..! So I knew there was a bad head gasket. I immediately knew that it was going to cost me lost of money. Thank God I checked on the easy add,and found his add, and on his add it said they could repair bad head gaskets without the need of taking the engine apart..! So I had nothing to lose but give him a call, I called and was amazed at his customer service, I need my truck for every day use I do construction work so he came out on a Sunday and to top it off it was raining.!!! He fixed the bad head gasket at the spot it was done with in 30 min and after his repair here I am driving my truck with no problem.!!! I highly recommend his services and he has an amazing personality. God Bless you..!
Hugo, California

WOW is all I can say, what a great product, IT REALLY WORKS after following the directions by the second day my 1997 Caddy Northstar engine ran like new. I almost paid $250.00 for another product. Your product for $69.00 worked better and faster then I could have imagined. I called and spoke to you twice and your reassurance convinced me to try your product. The fact you answered the calls quickly and answered all my questions and offered to help if needed . The quick arrival of the liquid. ordered on Friday received on Monday by Tuesday my car was no longer smoking or overheating, next day running like new. Thank you so much.
Fred, Florida


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