HGR12 - Easy Fix for your Blown Head Gasket - Guaranteed to Work!


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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q – Will HGR-12 work in all vehicles?
AYes, HGR-12 will work in all vehicles that have a radiator (water cooled), both gas engines as well as diesel. It works on every year, make, or model of car, motorcycle, and/or truck.

Q – Is HGR-12 compatible with Anti-freeze?
AWe recommended you drain out at least 70% of your anti-freeze before using HGR-12 in your engine.
Once the HGR-12 treatment is completed and your vehicle is repaired we recommend you flush the entire cooling system after running the vehicle 4-6 times, or within 2-weeks (whichever comes first), then replace the anti-freeze mixture as recommended my the manufacturer based on your specific vehicle and climate.

Q – What engine problems will HGR-12 repair?
AHGR-12 will repair the following:

  • Failing or completely blown head gaskets
  • Cracked engine blocks and/or the heads
  • Coolant leaks through the head bolts
  • Overheating due to a cracked head or block
  • Oil leaks into the radiator (cooling system)
  • Coolant leaks from radiator into the engine oil
  • Excessive steam and water coming out of the tailpipe

Q – My block is cracked, can HGR-12 repair this problem?
AYes... HGR-12 has a great success rate in repairing cracked blocks.

Q – Will HGR-12 plug up my radiator or heater core?
ANot if you follow the instructions!

Q – How does HGR-12 work?
AHGR-12 is formulated to react to extreme heat. Vacuum, created by the the piston, draws HGR-12 into the leaking area, engine heat then causes HGR-12 to harden on the leak to form a permanent repair. HGR-12 is Advanced Technology that just plain works!

Q – Other products I tried failed to seal the leak, can I still use HGR-12?
AYes, the HGR-12 formula has a 96% success rate and works like a charm.

Q – Can the heads be removed in the future, after being treated with HGR-12?
AYes, If head removal is needed for any reason, it's not a problem!

Q – How long will the HGR-12 repair last?
AHGR-12 forms a permanent repair, so it will last as long as the engine does!

Q – What kind of guarantee do I get if I buy HGR-12?
AIf after following HGR-12 instructions it did not repair the vehicle, we give a 100% refund on the purchase price (less S/H), if we are notified within 90 days from date of purchase.

Q – What payment methods do you accept?
AWe use PayPal, a secure 3rd party processor, and they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard, and Checks.
OR, you can pay with your PayPal account if you have one.

Q – If I click the buy button to order HGR-12, when will it ship?
AWe ship within 48 hours, but usually the same day your order is placed. Saturday and Sunday orders ship on Monday (if Monday is a holiday, we ship Tuesday).

Q – How can I use HGR-12 if don't know how to work on my vehicle?
AWe can find a mechanic near you. The HGR-12 repair takes about an hour, so even paying a mechanic you’ll save hundreds of dollars using HGR-12.

Q – Can I pick-up HGR-12 locally?
AWe are located in Morro Bay, California, so if you are close by give me a call to arrange pick-up.

HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works! HGR12 - the Head Gasket Repair that really Works!

My HGR-12 formula has a 96% success rate, that's far better than any other head gasket sealer on the market that I know of.

HGR-12 is so easy to use, and very effective in permanently sealing that blown head gasket.


I completely stand behind my guarantee!


HGR-12 will save you money, period!

If you need assistance, my one-on-one phone coaching will walk you through the process to get you back on the road!
your blown head gasket will be fixed fast and permanently!

Or, I can help you locate a local mechanic to perform the HGR-12 repair for you.

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The Only Way This Will Fail Is If You Fail To Take Action Now.

HGR12 - Easy Fix for your Blown Head Gasket - Guaranteed to Work!

Get back on the road with HGR-12!


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